Digital supermarket and purchasing navigator of tomorrow

The customer receives by the LateBird-APP an overview of all retail companies that are using the LateBird-system

  • Fast and convenient overview of all LateBird-locations around the customer’s current place
  • Each retail company that uses LateBird is able to inform their customers about locations, range of products and availability of products of their LateBirds with the help of an individual app
  • Each retail company uses their individual app with a secure cross-linking to their own ERP-system – customer and retailer data are linked

Selection process:

With the LateBird-APP, the customer receives an overview of all LateBird-modules that are located near to his current place – the map shows all participating retailers (supermarket companies, drug store companies, health food companies etc.)


digital supermarket and purchasing navigator of tomorrow

  • The customer makes his choice of the preferred retailer. Then the app shows those LateBird-modules of the chosen retailer nearest to his current place
  • These locations including adresses and distances are visualized on the map

Now, the customer can start the ordering process