Mobility and flexibility

The LateBird system is based on standardized and mobile sales modules that can, quickly and easily, be made operational at a desired location.

  • It is possible to do the transportation using a truck and a permanent special driver’s license
  • A LateBird module is not tied to a certain location, rather, at any time it can quickly and easily be moved to any desired location
  • Necessary requirements:
    Power connection, data cable, solid ground
  • The operator will ensure a sabotage-free power cable for the module
  • For example, LateBird can also be integrated into a pre-existing marketplace building

The LateBird module

Technical data

  • Width: 3.00m
  • Height: 3.50m
  • Length: 12.00m per execution

The mobile and flexible principle of the LateBird module is based on standardized external dimensions, which enable simple ground transport as well as a quick setup.