Ordering process

Grocery shopping on an app

The LateBird app works like an online shop for ordering products: The customer sees the availability of the desired products during the ordering process. The products are shown in the shop with pictures and a description.

  • Each LateBird has a product capacity of approx. 650 different product groups
  • With an interface for the merchandise management system, there is continuous updating for the product data and the inventory.
  • The customer logs into the system via the LateBird-APP.
  • Payment method is inputted by the customer (credit card or debit card).
  • By inputting a desired means of payment, the first check regarding the age of the customer who is purchasing is done.

Grocery shopping on an app

Using the LateBird app, the customer gathers their items. In addition, they also indicate their location via the app so that the system can identify the nearest LateBird module.

Via an IoT control of the LateBird system, the order is compared with up to the minute inventory for the selected module.

The shopping cart contents and confirmation will be sent to the customer via the app. If the ordered products are not available in the specified LateBird module, the app will display the second nearest LateBird module to the customer that shows the desired inventory.

The customer chooses one of the suggested LateBird modules and checks out with their virtual shopping cart. Thus, the products at the selected LateBird are reserved for 24 hours.

The customer receives the barcode for the order as a text message.The customer can then decide whether to pick up the order or have another person do this, which is easily done by forwarding the barcode to the pick-up person.

At the selected LateBird module, the doors open using the barcode scanner, allowing the customer access to the LateBird pick-up area. When the customer re-scans the barcode on the product touch screen in order to retrieve their shopping cart, proof of age is verified using a debit card. The purchase is then charged using the given means of payment and the reserved items are intelligently chosen and transported to the three collection compartments. The receipt is printed.


Ordering process

Shopping right at the LateBird module

Using a debit card, the customer is identified at the LateBird module and the doors to the pick-up area open.

Products can be selected using a touch screen, the system displays availability, price and the product description.

By entering the chosen means of payment (credit card or debit card) the customer is simultaneously identified and verified.

The products are intelligently picked, registered and transported to the pick-up area, where the customer receives them and the receipt.