What is LateBird

Usage spectrum for the operator

Der Warenbestand im LateBird-Modul ist immer sekundengenau aktuell verfügbar, alle Verkäufe und Reservierungen sind online über ein Dashboard abzulesen.

  • The inventory in the LateBird module is always real time up-to-date, and all sales and reservations can be viewed online via a dashboard.
  • Assembling and refilling is therefore transparent and simple, and may be accomplished using a small number of temporary workers.
  • Using the app, the operator is able to announce and implement direct and spontaneous sales for customers.
  • There is constant and ongoing data analysis on the buying behavior of customers, and clustering may be identified through data analysis.
  • Flexible assembly is supported.
  • "Trial and error": quick testing in various places, placements and conditions and experimental actions with test inventory are equally possible.
  • Quick communication of special sales through the app. This allows for special measures, such as the  implementation of spontaneous special offers, on a daily basis (World Cup final, et al.).
  • Prices are adjustable online and at any time; sales promotions in the shop are directly transferable to the LateBird module.

Summary: Through the digital networking of the customer app and the purchase behavior of the customer, the operator receives complete and transparent information about diverse elements that provide helpful data within the context of a cluster analysis:

  • Customer age
  • Gender
  • Sales at particular times of day
  • Sales to various target groups
  • Impact of special measures
  • Customer trips and distances to the LateBird modules
  • Sales focus on different locations - link product sales with a location
  • Customer shopping budget