The LateBird system

The LateBird system is a registered patent and design. The standardized sales modules have space for approx. 650 product groups.

  • No sales staff necessary: Autonomous sales modules with digitalized ordering and pick-up functions.
  • The fitting of the LateBird modules is done manually by employees of the operator. Scanning the goods before assembly and interfacing with the merchandise management system means the article number and best before date are stored in the system.

USP for the LateBird module

There are three temperature ranges available in the LateBird module for these product groups:

  • Freezer compartment -21 ° C
  • Refrigerated area +6 °C (meat 0 to +0.5 °C)
  • Dry goods +15°C
  • Per customer requirements
  • The LEH uses proven temperature control systems with their own temperature monitoring and controls
  • New: Independently a second remote temperature monitoring system, that includes data documentation, is installed. This will immediately send an alarm message to the service company in the event of deviations from the standard temperatures.
  • Separate rack storage for bottled products

The selection of the products is done by an automatic digitally controlled storage and retrieval system, and the purchased products are distributed into three separate collection units, based on temperature range.

An intelligent management system orders the product selection according to a algorithm: the heavy products go to the pick-up area first, the fragile ones go at the end.

The billing system is linked to the shop, this way inventory is always up to date.
Necessary reordering or announcements regarding sold products are communicated to the shop on an up to the minute basis.

Each LateBird module has a weather protected and barrier-free pick-up area that includes a legible and easy-to-use touch screen for identifying or ordering products at LateBird.
The customer gains access to the pick-up area with either barcode identification or a debit card.